Steven has been doing a lot of research on the use of neem as a natural pesticide and mosquito repellant. It grows everywhere here, but is not being used to its full potential, if it's being used at all. Watching him research and carry out experiments since we've arrived in Tanzania has been an incredible experience for me, as I'm sure it has been for him as well. He is thriving here in a way I've never seen in him before. And as his partner, especially, I'm so inspired by his passion to work with nature, using what's available, what grows for free and that farmers have access to, to find solutions to problems hindering food production and food security. For us, care of the land and care of people go hand-in-hand. In attending to the needs of the land, we are, in effect, attending to the needs of the people. We'll be trying this out on our own garden and coffee trees first before sharing the wisdom with local farmers.