Friends, please accept this poor quality selfie taken at Lake Michigan over a week ago as a token of our genuine gratitude, our smiles a symbol of our excitement and utter amazement because the news we have to share regards something unfeasible had we attempted it alone. And because you can only share the same two photos so many times of the truck we were trying to purchase (*hint*). 

So here's our big news: while touring with The Collection during the past two and a half weeks, we were able to purchase our truck in Tanzania! We transferred 80% of the funds already to acquire the truck, and need to raise and send the remaining 20% within the next few weeks. This is a big step toward our move as the work of After Trade isn't possible without having a truck. In Tanzania, buying a vehicle is a huge financial burden, and far more expensive than obtaining a car in the States, so we're grateful for those of you who shared the financial weight of it to make this purchase possible. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you, thank you, thank you.