Sharing our vision and heart for Tanzania in such a way that people not only grasp it, but believe in it, is perhaps our easiest task. But asking for people to believe in it to the extent that they would financially support it, is not so easy. And we understand this... This season has been one that has required us to step out of our comfort zone; a step of faith, if you will. We don't like asking for money. But early on we had to come to terms with the fact that this vision for After Trade would not come to fruition if we attempted to do it alone. We are burdened by the reality that for us, it is not enough to simply be FOR justice—for those farmers and families who are quite literally barely surviving in the coffee industry—but we feel compelled to join them, to be WITH them, to live and work alongside them for the sake of justice. 

We didn't ask for this... We never ever imagined that we would actually live in a third world country. In fact, we thought we'd make a comfortable life for ourselves roasting and serving coffee at our own café. But these plans were drastically changed—we were changed—the moment we opened ourselves up to the possibility that our plans did not go far enough and that they were still in large part about ourselves, rather than those who each day are concerned with whether they'll be able to feed their children. We could not continue to live comfortably and make profit at the expense of another, whom we were all too aware of the amount suffering a family in this industry might face. You could say we became too invested. That we began to care too much for these families. This is undeniable. But we can't not go... People ask us if we're scared. And yes, we're human and we have days when we're fearful of the unknown. But our hope for Tanzania far outweighs our fear. 

The harvest begins in October and we will not be able to get there in time by our own efforts alone. If you believe in this work, we ask that you would also take a step of faith and consider financially supporting us. If 20 friends pledge $100 a month, we'll be fully funded. Of course, we appreciate more or less than that amount, depending on what each person can contribute. For those who can't afford to contribute financially, your prayers and sharing our story mean so much. As theologian Ched Meyers writes: prayer is learning to believe in the transformation of ourselves and our world, something that at times seems impossible. We're overwhelmed by the amount of support we've received thus far and we're so grateful. 

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