We paddled the Yadkin River on Saturday and met some incredible folks who were intrigued by the work we'll be doing in Tanzania. Before we departed, they snapped this photo of us — "their new friends" and gave us a copy of it on Sunday after we attended their church. They told us that they haven't been able to stop talking about the work we'll be doing with coffee farmers since we shared it with them the day before. We don't often have opportunities to share about this in our hometowns, so to have it received and to feel so welcomed was immensely encouraging. We're grateful for this newfound community. 

If anyone wants to hear our story and the work we'll be doing in Tanzania, let us know. Sharing it and seeing people understand and become passionate for justice on behalf of coffee farmers and their families is what keeps us going during this season of fundraising. Many days it is hard to retain the vision as we continue to be in the States, when all we want to be doing is working alongside farmers and their families in Tanzania. But being present with people in States when the vision behind After Trade "clicks" is truly incredible.