Happy Monday, friends! We are considering Monday, January 19th as a departure date for our move to Tanzania. That is, EXACTLY 9 MONDAYS FROM TODAY! We are only $380 away from being able to purchase plane tickets.

After Trade is nothing but a concept or a good idea at best, without going to Tanzania and seeing it come to fruition. This work is something we deeply believe in, so much so that we've given our lives to see it though. But as we've said over and again, After Trade is less about us and more about the community making this work possible (i.e., our Gratitudes page) and the relationships with farmers and families forthcoming. 

Steven and I go as faces to represent all of your faces, those of us who are not content with pretending we don't know of the injustices within the coffee industry, the unnecessary suffering of farmers and families who depend on this crop we so mindlessly consume in leisure. It's been said that the work of justice moves from the ground up. After Trade is about reconciliation between farmers, roasters, coffee, and the land.

Please consider being part of this work.